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"I'm trying to train here, weakling. Why don't you go someplace more your speed, like the Mages Guild?"
―Yellow Team Champion

The Yellow Team Champion is a Nord always present at the Arena Bloodworks, practicing her mace skills. She is somehow placed in the Blue Team's side of the Arena, not with her Yellow team.

Like the Blue Team Gladiator, she will comment differently depending on the Hero's Arena rank when talked to. However, she will always insult the Hero instead of giving praise, as she is the Hero's Yellow Team opposite in the arena. She is the main antagonist in the Arena questline.


The Hero must eventually kill her to become Champion when pitted against her in a match (she is several levels higher than the Hero), along with an archer and a mage, (both are a level below the Hero). However, Porkchop the Boar is there to assist the Hero.



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