Yisra's Necklace is a unique silver necklace found in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.


Yisra's Necklace can be found on Yisra's corpse, which can be found at Yisra's Beachside Combustion.


Yisra's Necklace is part of the broken quest "The Missing Apprentices."


This item can be enchanted at an enchanting table, much like the other items retrieved through the Lost Apprentices quest.


  • This necklace is identical to the standard silver necklace except for name and slightly lower value.
  • This item can be found again and again at the same location if the location is not visited for a while. This technically makes the item not "unique."
  • Because the quest associated with this item was not completed, this necklace can be sold to a merchant and also removed from inventory.