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Yisraza is a Redguard found in the city of Orsinium.


Upon meeting Vestige Yisraza is waiting for her partner Kavzind who has been late for hours.

"Finally you're—oh, you're not him."

Is something wrong? "My partner and I have an appointment in the keep, bu he's late. Late! That's a generous word for it. I've been waiting here for hours and he still hasn't shown up!"

Can I help? "No, you can't help. Either he shows up or he doesn't. But what's wrong with you? Do you always stick your nose into other people's business? Sorry, sorry. I get surly when people are late for appointments."
What's your partner's name? "Are you taking a census or something? None of your business! Look, I'm sorry if I'm being rude, but how do my problem concern you? Please leave me alone!"
What's your appointment about? "Are you the king's social secretary? No? Didn't think so. My appointment is my own business. You should mind yours. Now leave me alone or I'll call the guard!"


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