Not to be confused with Yngvar the Singer or Yngvar Doom-Sayer.
"I signed up to fight bandits, not necromancers and undead!"

Yngvar is a Nord soldier found west of Lost Prospect. His squad members are being kept prisoner by the Worm Cult.


Those She DevoursEdit

Search the tents for a key and use it to unlock the cages of the captives Adelsar, Hara-Na, and Varen Hloran.


Greeting: "My friends are in cages in the Worm Cult camp. Will you rescue them? One of the cultists must have the key!"

What've the cultists been doing? "What haven't they been doing? Kidnapping, murder, necromancy - you name it, they've done it. Captain Viveka hoped to stop them, but we failed."
(Intimidate) Yngvar, you're a soldier. Act like one. Tell me something useful! "I'm sorry. The things that they're doing to my friends... Wait, I remember something. I saw a cultist taking keys into the camp's central tent. That's where you'll find the cage key."
Thanks, I'll look for it. "I don't know what else to do. I signed up to fight bandits, not necromancers and undead!"