Yngvild Ghosts are spectral enemies in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. They are found only in Yngvild, and are a result of the Necromancer Arondil's experiments in Necroanimus.


Having successfully raised and bound Yngvild's uniquely female Draugr population to his will, Arondil turned his endeavors toward a hapless milkmaid from Dawnstar who stumbled upon his workings. He deemed it necessary to kill her and decided to incorporate the "fresher" subject into his experiments as well.

Much to Arondil's delight, he was successful and found the newly reanimated subject to be spectral in nature and invigorating to his very soul upon touching her. He then endeavored to send his Draugr minions forth to Dawnstar to retrieve more young milkmaids, whom had been a lustful fixation of his while living in Dawnstar, to bolster his perverse harem. Exploration of Yngvild will eventually lead to a room where the bodies of the slaughtered milkmaids can be found.


Toying With The DeadEdit

The ghosts will be guarding Arondil, as well as some of his journals.


Yngvild Ghosts can be combated with mortal weapons as well as magic. They have no magic or special abilities of their own and fight only with the daggers they carried in life. Upon dispatching them, they are rendered to ghostly remains that contain the common clothes and inventory the subject had in life.

Note, however, that the ghosts appear to level with the player character, making them powerful opponents at levels 30+. Alerting a ghost often also alerts any of the nearby Draugr, which can lead to a lengthy fight.



  • If the Dragonborn is a vampire, then Yngvild Ghosts can be fed on as if they were a person, though with the same restriction (i.e., they must be sleeping). This has the same effects as feeding on a person.
  • Taking the leveled soul gem (either grand or greater) on the pedestal next to Arondil's throne without being detected will cause his favorite concubine to become hostile towards him. This is a scripted event as it initiates a unique line of dialogue.


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