Yoku, also known as Old Yoku, was the language of the ancient peoples of the continent of Yokuda.[1]

Known wordsEdit

Yoku Tamrielic
Ajcea A Spiral Down
Abah Filthy, unclean
Ansei Saints of the Sword
Ghraewaj The Crows Who Punish/Were Punished
G'ye Fabricator
Hel Ansei Sword Sainthood
Hel Anseilak Communion with the Saints of the Sword
Hnes Rax Hew's Bane
Koomu Alezer'i We Acknowledge
Mluo Cheese
Na-Totambu Kings and Ruling Bodies
No Lo'igra Deceiver
No Shira Noble person
Ra Gada Warrior Class
Riglametha Grateful-offering (Banthan dialect)
Satak Serpent
Shehai Way of the spirit sword
Sura Cyrus
tobr'a Useless
Tukta-mab'ro Storyteller