"The Skaal and the land are one. Joined by the All-Maker."

Yrsa is a Nord living on Solstheim. Initially, she is encountered at the Tree Stone with Oslaf, working under Miraak's influences. Afterwards she returns to the Skaal Village.


She is a member of the Skaal, indoctrinated into working on building the Temple of Miraak. She is also Deor Woodcutter's wife, and after Cleansing the Stones is completed, she will sleep in Deor Woodcutter's House.


  • "I fear what would have happened if you hadn't freed us."
  • "This Dark Elves of Raven Rock keep to their city, and we Skaal keep to our village."
  • "Fanari speaks her mind, perhaps more than she should."
  • "The Skaal and the land are one, joined by the All-Maker."