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Z'en is the Kothri, Bosmeri, and Breton god of toil and "payment in kind" (also associated with protection in the Kothri Pantheon). The Imperial god Zenithar is associated with Z'en, despite the former being a god of merchants and middle nobility.[1]


The worship of Z'en seems to have originated in both Argonian and Akaviri mythologies, and was "perhaps introduced into Valenwood by Kothringi sailors".[1] Ostensibly an agriculture deity, Z'en "sometimes proves to be an entity of a much higher cosmic order"[1], which is shown in Kothri belief, where he is supposed to have been a chief deity.[2] In Kothri culture, he was revered and prayed to for protection.[2] During the Knahaten Flu in the Second Era, Shaman Chirah prayed to Z'en for a cure; and when that failed, appealed to Clavicus Vile, originating the undeath of Stillrise Village.[2] His worship is said to have died out shortly after the Knahaten Flu.[1] Z'en is also the patron deity of the Resolution of Z'en, where he is recognized as the God of Commerce and Patron of Merchants and Mercenaries.

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