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For the dragon priest mask, see Zahkriisos (Mask).

Zahkriisos (Dovahzul: ZAhKRIiSOS Zah-Krii-Sos, "Finite-Kill-Blood") is one of the named dragon priests in The Elder Scrolls V: Dragonborn. He is the only leveled priest in the game, and his level is capped at 60. Along with Ahzidal, Dukaan, Miraak and Vahlok, he is one of the five named dragon priests that can be fought by the Last Dragonborn on Solstheim. His full name translates to "Sword-Blood."


The Final DescentEdit

He is encountered inside the final chamber of Bloodskal Barrow, which is only accessible through Raven Rock Mine during the quest "The Final Descent."



Notable itemsEdit



  • His name is rare for a dragon priest in that it can be divided in three words of power instead of two. It can, however, be read as two words, since Zah ("finite") and Krii ("kill") can unite to form Zahkrii ("sword").
  • Zahkriisos' name may be a reference to the unique blade needed to access his tomb, seeing as that sword is red and known as the Bloodskal Blade.
  • Zahkriisos is the only Dragon Priest that levels with the Dragonborn (except Miraak).
  • Zahkriisos is one of the three most powerful Dragon Priests, being able to reach level 60.
  • Zahkriisos' magicka is notably less compared to Dukaan and Ahzidal, this is likely because his spell, Lightning Storm, causes proportionally more damage than Fire Storm and Blizzard. With less magicka he inflicts about the same amount of damage in the same amount of time as Ahzidal and Dukaan. If it wasn't for this, Zahkriisos would cause more damage.


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