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Zahkriisos (Mask)

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Zahkriisos Mask
Base Armor:
23 ArmorIcon
9 WeightIcon
Base Value:
500 GoldIcon
Additional Effects:
50% Resist Shock; Shock spells do 25% more damage.
Class: Heavy Armor, Mask
Upgrade Material: Ebony Ingot
Perk: Daedric Smithing
ID: xx024037
Main article: Dragon Priest Mask
For the dragon priest, see Zahkriisos.

Zahkriisos(ZAhKRIiSOS) is a dragon priest mask found in The Elder Scrolls V: Dragonborn. Zahkriisos can translate to either "sword blood" or "bloody sword" in the dragon language, which is likely a reference to the sword associated with the burial place of its wearer.


This dragon mask can be acquired from the remains of Zahkriisos, one of four named dragon priests on Solstheim. Zahkriisos can be encountered in the Nordic ruin of Bloodskal Barrow during the quest "The Final Descent."


Zahkriisos' unique enchantment is called "Dukaan's Fury" [note 1]. It grants bonuses to shock damage and resistance:

In addition, weapons that bear a shock damage enchantment are also boosted by 25%. Like most unique enchantments, Zahkriisos cannot be disenchanted.


It can be upgraded with an ebony ingot at a workbench, and also benefits from the Daedric Smithing perk, which doubles the improvement.


Much like its counterparts Ahzidal and Dukaan, Zahkriisos is useful for a mage who favors shock spells, though the shock resistance may make it less useful than the other two masks, which offer resistance to the more commonly used fire and frost magic.



  1. According to the game data, it seems the name of the enchantment has been mixed up with Dukaan's Mask, which itself bears Zahkriisos' enchantment called "Zahkriisos' Ire".

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