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The Zainab Camp is a location visited by the Nerevarine for the main quest in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.


The camp is one of the four Ashlander camps. It is located in the Grazelands region of Vvardenfell. Within the camp are three merchants, a skill trainer and a healer.






Zainab NerevarineEdit

In order to complete the Fifth Trial of the Seven Visions the Nerevarine must be declared as such by the Four Ashlander Tribes.

Ashlander EbonyEdit

Negotiate a deal to persuade the Zainab tribe to sell Ebony to the members of House Hlaalu.

Trade Mission to the ZainabEdit

Help Turedus Talanian learn what the Zainab tribe wants, in order to improve relations with them.



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