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Main article: Main Quest (Morrowind)

Zainsubani Informant is the fifth quest in the main questline of The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  1. Speak with Caius Cosades.
  2. Go to Ald'ruhn, in Ald Skar Inn.
  3. Speak with Hassour Zainsubani.
  4. Acquire a gift for Hassour. Or raise Hassour's disposition.
  5. Speak with Hassour about the Ashlanders and their views, and about the Nerevarine Cult and Nerevarine Prophecy.
  6. Return to Spymaster Cosades with the Zainsubani's Notes.

Detailed walkthroughEdit

Caius CosadesEdit

After obtaining information about the Sixth House, the Nerevarine Cult and the Nerevarine Prophecy in the previous request, Spymaster Caius Cosades asks the Hero to go to the city of Ald'ruhn and talk with a former Ashlander, Hassour Zainsubani, who left the tribe to become a merchant. The Spymaster thinks that an Ashlander can provide further information on the Nerevarine Cult and their beliefs, he, then, gives 100 drakes and sends the hero to Ald'ruhn.

Hassour ZainsubaniEdit


Ald Skar Inn

The Ald Skar Inn is in the north of the city, this is where Hassour can be found. At first, Hassour will not say anything about the Ashlanders, as he doesn't wish to speak with outlanders. The Nerevarine has several options, if the Hero has sufficient Speechcraft, it is possible to raise his disposition, he will, then gratefully answer questions about the Nerevarine Cult and his prophecy, or, the Nerevarine will need to talk about the ashlander's "thoughtful gift" tradition, Hassour will, then say that he likes poetry. There are three books that he will accept: Words of the WindAshland Hymns, or The Five Far Stars. These books can be bought in Codus Callonus: Bookseller. It is only necessary to buy one. After receiving the gift, Hassour will gladly accept the book and will answer your questions, this also, makes his personal quest available, Hannat Zainsubani.

Hassour Zainsubani


Hassour says that the Ashlanders believe that the long dead Chimer general, Lord Indoril Nerevar, will resurrect as the Nerevarine and that he will cast down the false gods of the Tribunal and make Morrowind worship the ancient Daedra BoethiaAzura and Mephala once again.

He says that the Urshilaku Tribe are the most devout worshippers of the Nerevarine Cult, and that they can provide the needed information about the subject. Hassour says that the other tribes do not believe in the Nerevarine Prophecy; they view the prophecies as mere superstition.

Following the answers, Zainsubani will give you Zainsubani's Notes, which contains all the information that the Spymaster asked for.

The Nerevarine must now go to Balmora and report to Caius.

The Spymaster's RevelationsEdit

Head back to Caius Cosades and deliver Hassour's notes to him. Caius will reveal that the Emperor sent you to Morrowind because you fulfill the conditions to be the Nerevarine. He then gives you the decoded package that you brought to him in the first quest.

Journal EntriesEdit

Zainsubani Informant
The Spymaster has sent me to see a fellow named Hassour Zainsubani, an Ashlander who left the Wastes to become a wealthy trader in Ald'ruhn. He gave me 100 gold and told me to find out what Zainsubani likes, and get him a gift. Then I'm to give him the gift, and ask him to tell me about the Ashlanders and the Nerevarine cult. When I have the information, I'm to report back to the Spymaster.
  • Quest accepted
Boderi Farano, the publican of the Ald Skar Inn, says that Hassour Zainsubani has many books in his room, and perhaps that would be a suitable gift.
Hassour Zainsubani says that among the Ashlanders a thoughtful gift shows respect and knowledge of the one who is to receive the gift. Fortunately... or perhaps by courtesy or design... Hassour Zainsubani has mentioned that he loves poetry. Then a book of poetry would be a perfect gift for him. Perhaps a bookseller, merchant, or pawnshop nearby may have such a thing.
As a gift, I gave Hassour Zainsubani a copy of "Ashland Hymns." He seemed surprised and pleased. He thanked me and offered in return to answer my questions about the Ashlanders and the Nerevarine cult. As a gift, I gave Hassour Zainsubani a copy of "Words of the Wind." He seemed surprised and pleased. He thanked me and offered in return to answer my questions about the Ashlanders and the Nerevarine cult. As a gift, I gave Hassour Zainsubani a copy of "The Five Far Stars." He seemed surprised and pleased. He thanked me and offered in return to answer my questions about the Ashlanders and the Nerevarine cult. Hassour Zainsubani said he would take my earnest thought and effort as a token in place of a gift. Because I behaved courteously, he is willing to help me, and tell me what wish to know about the Ashlanders and the Nerevarine cult.
Hassour Zainsubani says that he is too old now to travel, but that his son, Hannat Zainsubani, seeks out sources of fine ebony. The son has proposed to chart the rarely visited ancient underground complex at Mamaea, west of Red Mountain, and if I should meet him in my travels, Hassour Zainsubani asks me to tell his son that his father longs for news of his son-and-heir.
Hassour Zainsubani gave me some notes where he has written what he thinks I need to know about the Ashlanders and the Nerevarine cult. These notes will satisfy the Spymaster. But Hassour Zainsubani invited me to ask any questions I wish, and perhaps I can learn some other useful information from speaking with him.
  • Quest completed

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