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Zenithar Stained Glass
Religious information
Associated religion

Imperial Cult


Nine Divines

Type of deity

Wealth, labor, and commerce

Physical description
Physical form


Chronological and political information

Zenithar is the Divine of wealth, labor, commerce and communication. His priests have demonstrated that through earnest work and honest profit, not through war and bloodshed, peace and prosperity will develop. He is almost always portrayed as Male, and is understandably associated with Z'en. 

Overview and worship

Like his Aedric brethren, he cannot directly interact with Nirn, however he can influence in his own way. The spirit and pride of honest work and the reward that follow it, are what Zenithar prides. Miners, wood cutters, and blacksmiths alike, are a few of what Zenithar considers a crucial way of living your life as almost all of his worship and followers come from these crafts. In the Empire, however, he is a far more cultivated god of merchants and middle nobility, appearing to give him a more diverse group of followers. A common phrase spoken by his worshipers, despite his mysterious origins, Zenithar is the god 'that will always win'.


"Come to me, Zenithar, for without you, like a child, I might fiddle and fret when only through struggle and labor may I craft a work worthy of your name and the name of my patron."




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