"Join the legion, see the world, freeze your arse!"
―Zeno Faustus[src]

Zeno Faustus is an Imperial blacksmith who can be found inside the Armory at Fort Frostmoth, Solstheim.


Frostmoth SmugglersEdit

Zeno can direct the Nerevarine to the Gandrung Caverns during the quest, but only if with Saenus Lusius.


Frostmoth SmugglersEdit

"I'm an officer of the Imperial Legion. Move along."

weapons being smuggled "Okay, look, here's the deal. I overheard some of the soldiers talking about a place, Gandrung Caverns, that's a bit northeast of the fort. Something about weapons being stashed there. I didn't want to know more than that. Maybe you should check that place out. But if you find them, you'll have to kill them...unless you can find some other arrangement."