Zhagush gro-Korlag is an Orsimer who resides in Daggerfall in Glenumbra. He works with the Mages Guild and is something of a plant expert.


Swine ThiefEdit

When Swineherd Wickton discover his pig Glutton is missing, he believe Gregoire Lafont stole it to serve it for dinner at the inn.

Ah, someone new to talk to. Are you here for something specific or just to say hello?
Wickton said you might know something about a strange, thorny vine.
A strange vine? Unusually thick and covered in thorns? In the city? Son of a troll! I've seen such vines to the north. They're connected to the Bloodthorn cult. A clear indication that the cult is corrupting the land.

Dialogue after completing the Swine Thief quest:

Be wary of those vines. Wherever they appear, the Bloodthorn cult isn't far behind.
I have some questions about these vines.
Well, don't dawdle. Ask your questions. I don't have all day.
Tell me more about the Bloodthorn cult.
They're death mages led by the cursed Reachman, Angof the Gravesinger. I heard they were causing trouble north of Glenumbra. They must be getting bolder if they're operating in Daggerfall.
Who's Angof the Gravesinger?
Angof's a Reachman, one of those magic-cursed savages from the border of Bangkorai. But he's more than that. He's a necromancer. They call him Gravesinger because he made a deal with the Daedric Prince, Molag Bal.
Tell me more about the vines.
Angof and the Bloodthorn cult use them for some foul purpose. If you see the vines, that usually means the cult is active in the area. The vines spread an evil poison through the soil. It's a hateful substance that kills everything it touches.