"That's the third caravan this week. Besides what's happening at Elinhir and the giant crater outside, we'll be out of business by the end of the year."

Zibaran is a Redguard character residing in Craglorn's city of Belkarth. He works for the Dragonstar Caravan Company and is a source of information about Spellscar and Elinhir in Craglorn.


What's going on?: "This road is the only thoroughfare that connects Bangkorai and Cyrodiil. And these so-called "Celestials" are making a mess of it. We've appealed to the Daggerfall Covenant for help, but they're... distracted."

What do you mean, distracted?: "That damned Alliance War. Troops need to get to Cyrodiil, and the Covenant's got its hands full protecting its supply lines. Or so they say."
You don't believe them?: "If this was Glenumbra or Stormhaven we were talking about and not backwater Craglorn, the Covenant would have no trouble finding the resources to help us- Alliance War or not. But who am I to complain?"
Is there anything I can do to help?: "The worst is near Elinhir. Damned mages fighting each other, spilling onto the road... but there's also some kind of shimmering giant rock-thing that blasted a huge crater in the middle of Craglorn. It's damn creepy, whatever it is."

Tell me about Elinhir: "Word is, the mages that run the place are at each other's throats. You ask me, it was inevitable. Inviting renegade mages to live there was just asking for trouble. Luckily, most of the citizens got out before things got really bad."

Tell me about this huge crater: "Some say it's the gods displeasure, fired from Aetherius to punish us. Others say it's Daedric. Still others think it's the Celestial Mage's staff, flung from the heavens. Whatever it is, it's bad news. I'd stay clear of it."


  • Zibaran actually says "Aetherium" instead of "Aetherius".