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  • Location: [?], Imperial City
  • Author: Zoragag


Clan-brother Otholog, I write this in hopes of reconciliation. As your sister's son, I am honor-bound to try. Your illness and actions have brought shame to our clan, and worse than shame. I was hunting in the hills when you returned to our village after your many years' away. You know the horrors I found upon my return. You are not fully responsible; your disease drove you to it. Though many of our clan were dead or turned into feral vampires, the survivors regrouped, founded a new clan-hold, and now thrive in the nearby hills. I tracked you to the Imperial City but lost your trail here. I bribed a mercenary to find you and hand you this letter. I hope he survived. Join me. Together we will seek a cure and your crimes will be forgiven. This was your sister's last wish. Return to your people with me. - Zoragag


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