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"Skooma is distilled from moon-sugar, which is sacred to we who worship the moon and stars. But those who use skooma for pleasure quickly become slaves to its visions. Scum like Hazak profit from this addiction."

Zulana is a Khajiit found on the road southeast of Rid-Thar's Solace. Khari is her son, and Hazak was her husband, but when he turned to skooma, they left each other.


Moon-Sugar MedicamentEdit

Zulana asks the Vestige to find Khari and get him back from Hazak's Hollow.


After the battle is complete, Zulana asks the following:

"But I would know, how did my son fare against Hazak? Did he fight bravely, as he was taught?"

Khari fought well. We brought down Hazak together. "[?]"
He didn't help much. I brought down Hazak by myself. "[?]"
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